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Smokehouse Technology Accredited by Rubber Board of India.

Natural rubber in India is mainly produced by small holder farmers and being the highest foreign currency generating agricultural commodity is of great importance for the Indian economy. Nevertheless, due to the lack of appropriate dryers, more than 80% of the total production has to be sold as low-grade Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS) for a relatively low price. Smoking the sheets produces Ribbed Smoke Sheet grades of rubber, which sell for considerably more money than unsmoked sheets.

In order to improve the product quality, a smoke-heated rubber sheet dryer was developed by Rubland . It consists of smoke burner connected to a drying chamber. Fully-Controlled circulation of the exhaust smoke leads to the desired drying air temperature of 45–60°C and results in a significant reduction of the drying time. To enable drying independent of weather conditions, a biomass furnace was incorporated underneath the drying chamber

Rubland industries have been a recognized name in the kerala since 2005 and it is managed by Mr. Soy Vattapillil. Rubland is producing rubber smokehouse which can make Internationally qualified Ribbed Smoked Sheets of grade-4 within 72 hours without any burns or sweating to the rubber sheets. Very less amount of firewood is needed for this.

Our rubber smoke house is widely used by the planters of the rubber trees. After Tapping the rubber milk will be converted into plane rubber sheets with a machine, after that the sheets should dry. If it dry in sunlight, their may be a chances of melting of the sheets and more over the inside parts of the sheets wont be dry properly. This type of rubber sheets are very low graded and the time taken to dry will also more. For avoiding the above problems, we are introducing the new product which can dry the rubber sheets within 72hours without any burns to the sheets. In our product the rubber sheets will dry with the smoke coming from the fire woods. The smoke is directed and contained for a while in our smoke house chamber

The chamber is of brickwork with a reinforced concrete frame. The smoke house is provided with adequate drainage to facilitate removal of serum dripping from the sheets. The roof and the ceiling may be of asbestos sheets and the gap between the roof and the ceiling at the top of the walls shall be closed from all the four sides of the smoke house, so as to avoid heat loss due to air currents over the ceiling and to prevent condensed moisture containing carbon from dripping on sheets.Rubland rubber smoke houses are of four types, those in which the number of rubber sheets that can accommodate are 1180,300, 400, 600, upto 2000 respectively .

Generaly,the sheets are turned on the reapers every day for uniform smoking and drying and to avoid reaper marks on dry sheets. Three days of smoking is generally sufficient under normal conditions, but during the rainy season four to five days are required for satisfactory drying of sheets.

Our rubber smoke house are cheaper compare to other smoke house available in market but stronger and need less time to make Ribbed Smoked Sheets of grade 4.We had successfully built more than 1000 rubber smoke houses inside Kerala from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasarkodu. Rubland is the name of trust in rubber smoke house building in rubber planters in kerala.






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  • Minimum drying time & labour requirement
  • Maintenance of temperature in the range of 40-60o C
  • Maximum fuel efficiency & Good ventilation
  • Minimum heat loss & drying cost
  • Easy loading/unloading of sheets
  • Continuous operation
  • Minimum number of defective sheets

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